Privacy Policy

IFA Brazil (ABDF) takes your privacy seriously and is protecting your personal data. For this reason, administrative data must be processed only for the purposes indicated at the time of collection and organized processes focused on their security are kept.

The IFA Brazil (ABDF) privacy term is to demonstrate our entity's commitment to the security and privacy of information received from our users. Any confidential information has been collected by our users as confidential data and used only as used for confidential purposes.

Access to authorized information received is only for the proper use of that information.

Third parties hired to provide occasional support services to the Association strictly follow the privacy term.

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This website uses cookies and other functions. This allows us to customize content and ads, enable social media features and analyze traffic to our website. The IFA Brazil – ABDF takes your privacy seriously and is committed to protecting your personal data. For more information about the cookies and features we use, please see our Privacy Policy.